MANCHESTER ACTORS COMPANY began in May 1980 - that's 42 YEARS since we first started performing - and we have toured Manchester and surrounding counties ever since.  At first we provided community theatre projects around Manchester, but the nature of community theatre and ever-changing local government funding has meant that we have needed to expand our area and change our marketing, now concentrating on providing relevant theatre in schools.
As a commercial business, our aim has always been to tour locally, providing an exciting, relevant, non-condescending and unpretentious theatre service to adults and children, in a full range of (mostly non-theatre) venues, and to provide the experience of live theatre to people for whom theatre would otherwise be culturally, financially or physically inaccessible.  Artistically, emphasis is placed on the actors' physical and vocal skills, and we use only PROFESSIONAL ACTORS.

The last THIRTY YEARS has been our most productive, during which time we have mainly - though not exclusively - taken our productions into schools, with a range of projects for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Colleges, whilst we have also presented several non-schools projects around Manchester. An average year now will see us make three or four tours, giving over 250 performances, and playing to total audiences of over 60,000.

We are well known for our energetic, vigorous, physical theatre performances where close attention is paid to the language, bringing the plays alive as a dynamic, well-spoken display of physical theatre, performed by some of the U.K.'s hottest young stage talent.  We are well known for providing stylish work to a high standard, and we have earned a fine track record for innovative work.

"...... Manchester Actors Company have established an excellent reputation for their school touring work....."  



"....effortless versatility and fine performances....."  



".....energy, commitment and skill....."